Traditional Bhutanese dance performance in winter


Traditional Bhutanese dance performance in winter

Wines are made from grapes, an agriculture produce – the total picture is not sophisticated. The end product, wine, can be objectively bad or good (from hard to swallow to “wow, this is yummy!”).  The "good" category is where most of the subjective sensation, emotions, personal preferences, industry norms and confusion come in – some people call it “sophistication”.


At PENTICTON, we’ll introduce you to top-notch artisanal winemakers. These are wines that we would recommend to our loved ones.  We hope to share their stories and connect you with what they are trying to express through their craft to how you perceive the wine when it is in your mouth. 


"Don't worry, we only work with the YUMMY section, and we will make it fun! ”




Not everyone has to care about wine as much as we do, and at the same time some of you want to explore further with wine, no matter where you stand, you'll find joy, enlightenment with our selection. Count on us to curate interesting finds for you that are not common in this region. 


We are extremely delighted to send out an open invitation to all creative explorers, luxury enthusiasts and avid curators of artisanal experiences to come and be a cherished member of our thriving creative community. PENTICTON allows each and every one of you to explore a new experience with our honest, artisanal wine-beverage curation, an experience that is inspired by the lifestyle of the like-minded.


Jan 2019
Photography by PENTICTON

January 20, 2019 — PENTICTON 法園地