The idea was embarked in Paris - when I was in Chef school at Le Cordon Bleu. The concept was born out of a brief to bring authenticity to the wine world. Less about the labels but more about celebrating the crafts and artisans behind the wine.

French wine represents a lifestyle beyond a bottle. That's why our concept is about #AllThingsFrench and not more.

Each selection is limited in our curation, representing an honest style, a perspective and a purpose for everyone in the wine-loving community and connoisseurs looking for something different.

- Olivia Lee, PENTICTON

Our Store

HONEST FRENCH WINE LABELS that can’t be found anywhere else in HK

Customer reviews
Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.
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I just tried the white wine and it’s exactly the type I like, oaky, dry and clean. Thanks for your recommendation!
— C. Chan
I don't expect to see Bourgogne passetoutgrains from my hometown in a Hong Kong wine store!
— Guillaume
Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.
— Author's name
Learn something about wine every time I went there. Carries unique yet elegant French wine at affordable price that you can’t find in other places which I like.
— G. Li
Very knowledgeable team with great hospitality. Probably one of the most original French wine stores I have come across in Hong Kong.... Tried this Savoie wine with the owner, very unexpected elegance.
— Clarly


Whether you have been following for a while or are just getting to know us, chances are you've heard that we are passionate about discovering hidden gems around France!

A lot of what you'll find in our curation, you won't be able to find elsewhere -- up-and-coming winemakers, uncommon grapes & blends, little-known appellations, to collectible formats only made for us.

Did I mention about our weekly blog release? Follow us to find out our "delicious" happenings arond town too.