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MAY 1 - June 4, 2023

Charisma of Chenin Blanc

Chateau Moncontour Tete de Cuvee | Vouvray, Loire Valley

As low as HK$170/bottle!

*Average price for 2 bottles. While stock last. T&C


Less about the labels, but more about celebrating the crafts and artisans behind the wine. French wine represents a lifestyle beyond a bottle. That's why our concept is about #AllThingsFrench and not more.

Each selection is limited in our curation, representing a honest style, a perspective and a purpose for everyone in the wine-loving community and connoisseurs looking for something different.


提及法國的氣泡酒(Sparkling Wine),你腦海第一時間浮現的應該是香檳吧?!Pet-Nat (Pétillant Naturel)、Crémant de Loire和Crémant d’Alsace是三種最常見的氣泡酒,各具特色,令你百喝不膩! 法國五月期間更有非常優惠~


May 27, 2023 (SAT)

Penticton Opmall | 12 - 2pm, 2 - 4pm, 4 - 6pm

Join us in the upcoming CHAMPAGNE & BEYOND FRENCH GOURMAY TASTING 法國五月品酒活動!

Discover the trending sparkling wine styles in France over a creative setting! HKD 100 per person. redeemable for purchase* T&Cs

MAY 11, 2023 (THU)

The Hong Kong PolyTechnic University | 3 - 4:30pm

Beyond Champagne: French Sparkling Wines to know (and to try) for your next occasion! Join us to discover the most original sparkling wines, different winemaking methods to the latest trends in the French Gastronomy scene.

MAY 1 - 31, 2023

RESTORAN SAYA | 6pm - 10pm

Celebrate French GourMay at Michelin - BIB Gourmand award winner - Restoran SAYA with a 5-course seasonal Isan dishes inspired by French's traditional ingredients and sparkling wines at HKD 488 per person.

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Honest French wine labels that can't be found anywhere else in Hong Kong