Eat Fresh x Drink Natural Wine Workshop 【超自然風味】法國品酒工作坊

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Signature Series [#December 2019 Feature @Penticton the Mills]

What is Natural Wine Series - Eat Fresh x Drink Natural - Wine Tasting Class - 120 mins

A guided tasting of 4 amazing French wines and explore the trendy natural wine and classic styles through the lens of these 2 comparative sets together.

Discover how wine-making can bring along different personalities and curate a selection to match with your very wine moments .  Learn about how these wines are uniquely crafted. Be your own sommelier and curate your own pairing our with selection of fresh produces.

Taste, and learn about natural wine with us. Perfect for wine enthusiasts as well as winelovers looking for something different.

Location: THE MILLS ANNEX - 5 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan.

Workshop Schedule:

  • 12.13.2019 (Fri) - 19:00 ~ 21:00 

走進自然酒世界系列之【超自然風味】法國品酒工作坊 - 120分鐘


趕緊參加我們為大家精心設計的工作坊!我們精心準備了2對傳統和自然葡萄酒和綠色美食,讓大家做一回專業品酒師,設計自己喜愛的美酒美食菜單。 快來跟我們一起學習和品嚐,淺談自然酒的的釀造過程一起【走進自然酒世界】!

工作坊: THE MILLS ANNEX - 香港荃灣南豐紗廠


  • 12.13.2019 (五) - 19:00 ~ 21:00 

Disclaimer: Penticton reserves the rights to cancel the workshop 24 hours prior to workshop schedule if the number of registered participants is below minimal workshop size (6 pax). Payment will be fully refunded as store credit with 1 year validity (end date inclusive).  One coupon valid for one purchase, cannot combine with other promotion offer and workshop purchase.