Flute, white wine glass and Champagne coupe, what should I choose for a Rosé Champagne?

Believe it or not, the taste of a drink is influenced by the drink-ware. But why?

Champagne is a sparkling wine. It can be produced only in one appellation - Champagne, France! Champagne comes in 2 colours - white and rosé (pink!). All Champagne must be aged in the cellar for 15 months (non-vintage) and 3 years (vintage Champagne) before releasing to the market.




Pick an inert material. Crystal and glass are excellent choices as they will not impart flavours.




The beautiful bubbles and the aromas in the Champagne will gradually release once they are poured. A taller glass with a smaller opening, like the flute, will help to concentrate the aroma intensity and make your experience more enjoyable. The champagne coupe was very popular in the 1920s, they are great for Instagram moments, but the aromas will disappear very quickly.

How about white wine glass?

If you are having Rosé Champagne or an older vintage, white wine glass could be an even better option as the Champagne can have a larger surface area to relax within the glass. Enhancing the fruit characters, aromas and flavours, in a much more delicate manner.

So, find your Champagne and glassware pairing today!

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