Is Sancerre a wine or a place? Surprise, the answer is both!

Sancerre, an AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) delimitated area located in the Centre-Loire region, towards the eastern-side of Loire Valley region (aka North of Burgundy). It is the home to many exceptional Sauvignon Blanc wines - known for its dry, fruit-forward and delicate palate. In France, Sancerre is the name of white wine produced uniquely by Sauvignon Blanc in this area.

If you are already a fan of Sancerre, wine from "Sancerre Cru" will further elevate your tasting experience. One of the hamlets of Sancerre is Chavignol, its beauty secret is its rich Kimmeridgian soil content (aka shellfish fossils from Jurassic period). This gives an extraordinarily fine texture, vibrant minerality and aromatic profile which cannot be replicated anywhere else.

But do you know Sancerre also produces red & rosé wine? During the 12th century, Saint-Satur Augustine monks and the ruling counts of Sancerre began to seriously cultivate the vines. Sancerre was famous for its red wine, a Pinot Noir wine widely loved by the royal court, and Duke Jean de Berry believed it to be the most beautiful wine existed in the entire kingdom at that time.

Sancerre Red ... & Sancerre Rosé...