Jean Grosperrin MMC Cuvée 3 Cognac - Blended in 1979

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MMC stands for Moûts Mutés au Cognac. In essence it is a wine must that has been married to Cognac. The Cognac is added to stop the ongoing fermentation process, with the must usually at about 2% alc., leaving sugars that will ennoble the product over time in oak barrels. It is a traditional and regional product, prepared by most wine growers in the region and often consumed within the family itself. Some of these sweet wines are kept for decades.

This unique batch was produced in the Borderies region in 1979 (with a 1979 must and a 1978 Cognac). It has aged in a small cellar on a beaten earth, in an old 40 hectolitre barrel. It has been kept since 2013 in the cellars where it is aged in very old 400 litre Cognac barrels.

The nose is fruity and elegant, with notes of pastry. On the palate, ripe fruits are revealed, prolonged by a very nice touch of minerality.  Very little sugar, and a remarkable acidity which gives an unusual structure to this cuvée. 


Product Details
  • Artisanal production
  • Best to serve at 8 degrees, with Pinot Noir based Champagne, or on ice