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MMC stands for Moûts Mutés au Cognac. In essence, Cognac is added to stop the ongoing fermentation process, leaving sugars that will ennoble the product over time in oak barrels. It is a traditional and regional product prepared by most winegrowers and often consumed within the family. 

Made from 100% Colombard (a white grape - an offspring of Chenin Blanc and Gouais Blanc), this wine has been fortified with a regional Armagnac from the bottler put into Solera; since 1987! 

Arbois is crafted from a very old grape variety - Savagnin. A dry white style with finish magically extends with oxygenation, with a fun roasted walnut finish at the end and a nice acidity.


Our Curated Tasting List

  • JEAN GROSPERRIN MMC1 Moût Muté au Cognac
  • CHATEAU LEBERON Vin Muté a l'Armagnac
  • THIRIET Arbois Face Nord de Sauvagny


We think the hairy crab season can go beyond just Chinese yellow wines or bubblies. Santé!

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