Cremant de Loire Rose Brut NV

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Why we love it

In preparation for the Hong Kong Le GourMay France’s theme of Loire Valley, I went to look for a fruity, refreshing sparkling rosé wine from Loire Valley.  This coincides with my personal desire to look for the best representative of the five best regions for sparkling wines in France. Loire Valley makes the one of the best sparkling wines outside of Champagne using traditional method.  I found this gem from Chateau Moncontour in Vouvray - it is one of the oldest Chateau in Loire valley.  Crémant de Loire Rosé Brut NV is 90% Cabernet Franc, a hero variety in Chinon. It is a thirst cruncher, lightly structured, rich in red fruit aroma and a god-send in warm weather. 


Product Details
  • 90% Cabernet Franc, 10% Grolleau
  • AOC Crément de Loire 
  • Brut
  • Hand Harvested
  • Traditional (Champagne) method. Rested for 16 months to enrich the texture
  • Best to serve at 6-8 degrees 

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