"We believe that when you buy a bottle of wine there is a story to be told. Therefore, we take great pride in the wines we select, sourcing from artisanal vineyards, who work in conjunction with nature to create outstanding wines. By uncovering the secrets of lesser-known makers, our goal is to shine a light on a new generation of innovative winemaking. For us, every wine is an adventure and we want to share each aspect of that experience with our clients. See you there, soon! - Penticton Team

We offer a range of French wine tasting workshops from small groups (2-3ppl) to corporate events (30ppl+). For inspiration, please browse through our roster of past events for your idea and reference. All available in Cantonese, English or Mandarin at your choice!

Please browse through our menu of past events or start with the Most Voted ones:

A French Wine Tour 【漫遊法國】法國品酒工作坊
Learn about wine thru French classics
Perfect for new wine drinkers! Learn about the art of wine tasting, the beauty of French wine world thru a handpicked, seasonal curation by our Sommelier. This small-group session is an ideal opportunity to get started on wine appreciation, as well as to discover the classic styles over a French Wine Tour. MORE


Fantastic Loire Valley Tasting Workshop【環遊盧瓦爾河谷】法國品酒工作坊
Explore Local French's favourite region
From the heritage of renaissance to UNESCO Chateaux, Loire Valley has always been a popular region amongst local French people. With a wine route spreading over 1000 km, 20+ local grape varieties, Loire Valley is well-known for its Fresh, Fruity and Approachable wine style. MORE



The Beautiful Aromas of Pinot Noir Workshop 【絕美黑皮諾】法國品酒工作坊
Pick a wine, through aromas!

The beauty of wine is not merely about how good it tastes, but the metaphor between colour, aroma, taste, and occasion. MORE