It's a Prelude. The aromas just like the festive holiday.

Taste of the Fall. Encore
(Service Sequence: Left to Right)
If Christmas has a smell, what will it be? Dark fruits, currants, berries, cinnamon, chocolate, caramel, forest walk, fireplace and vanilla...
Traditionally known as 👑"The Wine of the Kings," Chinon is a well-structured, aromatic red wine crafted from Cabernet Franc. The signature leafy aromas remind us of a refreshing morning forest walk.
Christmas means spending more time with closest ones, and many occasions entail wholesome family gatherings. The next wine is from Cahors, the Southwest of France, with truffles, foie gras and duck confit as the local specialties. What could make a better regional pairing of original French Malbec and flavour-intensive festive cooking?
Fancy a special bottle after the first two wines? An elegant red created out of Pinot Noir, loaded with fresh cherries, a hint of oak and powdery tannins could be an excellent option for fine-textured meats or after dinner chat between friends.
What about dessert or digestif? Why not a young, artisanal Cognac with high tones of caramel, tobacco, cloves and cinnamon. You don't want to miss this pairing of the heavenly Tarte Tatin.
We want to show you creating a wine list is easy. Think texture and find an aroma profile that can layer on top of your dishes.
Olivia Lee