Philosophy Matters
Régis & Sylvain at Marseille, France | PENTICTON

Regis & Sylvain® was founded in 2016. It is the story of two cousins whose passion and love for wine brought them together from their respective careers in finance and wine making.

They opened a wine negociant in the heart of Marseille where the region has a rich history of importing wine from all over the Mediterranean that dates back over 2000 years.

They source exceptional produce from a variety of independent vineyards across France. Sourcing from only premium suppliers, they have perfected the process of blending and aging before bottling locally.

Philosophy Matters

Since the late 90’s, viticulture, wine making and wine consumption have taken a massive change. Realising the planet is dying because of the global warming, the World tries to produce and drink better.

Regis & Sylvain® follow this trend, while keeping their own state of mind. Their grapes selection is very sharp. However, to reach this accuracy, they prefer to talk to wine growers to see how they adapt responsively their method of culture to their terroir specifities rather than following strict specifications.

Most of the winemakers with whom they work has been established for two or three generations and know perfectly their terroir. Thus, considering the benefit of their experience on the culture instead of choosing a winery because it got a green label seems to them more rational.

For the winemaking part, they also work in the same way : let the terroir speak and use a very low level of chemical inputs. Since every grapes variety, every tanks, every barrels, every vintage react differently, they prefer to adapt for each of them the winemaking process adding or not SO2.


Negotiant vs Grower-Winemaker

Being negociant gives them the power of selection. They are free to choose their grapes where they judge they are produced the most responsibly. People must not forget that most of the high class wine producers are also negociants, the most efficient example are the Champagne companies...