Revolution of Sancerre
Domaine Michel Vattan at Sancerre, France | PENTICTON

Domaine Michel Vattan collections are imagined and developed with passion in the beautiful land of Sancerre. Three generations of expertise, the Vattan family has been crafting artisanal collections since 1930.

Situated in Maimbray, with plots spreading over "Les Caillottes" and "Terres Blanches", Nathalie & Pascal Joulin decided to undertake a different approach in their 9.1 hectares estate. The new philosophy is to truly embrace the beauty of nature, lower chemical usage over time, and present the characteristics of the soil in the purest forms.

They mould Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir through an array of curated styles - from fruit and mineral forward cuvées "Calcaire" and "Argile", to delicately intense cuvèe, Les L-O, crafted with 80+ years old-vines using Burgundian approach, to the limited Red and Rosé wines crafted with Pinot Noir.
 Kimmeridgian limestone pebbles give tight, fruity and pure characteristics to Sancerre wines
Picture of " Les Caillottes" - Kimmeridgian limestone pebbles give tight, fruity and pure characteristics to Sancerre wines

These collections make great ready-to-drink choices with high ageing potential and highly regarded by wine critics and wine lovers in France and around the world.

"A complex nose of tangerine, peach, orange blossom and pear, with some spicy earthy flavours too" - Decanter World Wine Award 2016 on White Sancerre, Les L-O Cuvée 2014

"90 points. Grown on the chalk soil, this fine wine has picked up saltiness and minerality to create its tight texture. It is also floral with plenty of white fruits and a light herbal character. The wine will need to age, so drink from 2018" - Roger Voss of The Wine Enthusiast on White Sancerre, Cuvée Calcaire 2016