This year, we have fun plans to bring everyone on an amazing wine tour in an unexpected way. 
Let's go textural. Do you know why different sparkling wines give different tactile sensation on the palate?
The science is simple. 
Depending on how the bubbly is made, traditional method (aka. Champagne method), ancestral method....the CO2 (= carbon dioxide) will "dissolve" in the liquid differently. The temperature of the wine will increase as you pour them out of the bottle, and CO2 will emerge in form of bubbles.
Because CO2 has taken its time to integrate with the wine during the long bottle maturation process, only tiny bubbles will appear slowly during the pour.
On the other hand, sparkling wine can also be produced by "carbonation method" - pumping CO2 into the base-wine directly without bottle maturation. The bubbles are bolder and shaper.
And cheers!