Aromatic wine? pourquoi pas?

"Aromatic whites" refer to white wines with aromas that leap from the glass, particularly with floral or herbal notes. We most often see Riesling, Viognier, Gewürztraminer, and Muscat included in the roundup of the most popular aromatic whites. Sometimes Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc are included as well.

There is more! 

This 45-min client workshop covers the backstory of French wines, key aromatic wine styles from France, their seasonal fit as well as their pairing possibilities! 

Tasting Curation - Selection based on time of the day, season as well as the client preference


 E-presentation was used as a sustainable sharing approach 

Wine List

  • Chateau Moncontour Tete de Cuvee (100% Chenin Blanc)
  • Michel-Vattan Sancerre O-P (100% Sauvignon Blanc)
  • Domaine Specht Riesling (100% Riesling)
Location: LEE GARDEN ONE, Hong Kong
Date: May 31, 2024