Monthelie Les Toisieres 2015

Why we love it

Domaine Rougeot has a rooted history of making superb white wines from the famed Meursault, Burgundy. "Les Toisières” is located right to the commue between Meursault and “La Taupine” 1er Cru Red of Monthélie. 

The artisan’s secret is a long maturation in old oak barrels, keeping the flavours original.

We nicknamed “Les Toisières” as the cousin of Meursault. It is full-bodied and develops a complex flavours of melon, apple and fresh young hazelnut notes in the cellar overtime.

Perfect with Northern Indian or Cantonese seafood classics, or add a Bourgogne red to spark a contrast.

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Product Details
  • Made in Monthélie, Burgundy, France
  • Planted in 1990s
  • 100% Chardonnay
  • No SO2 added
  • No filteration
  • No clarification

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