Jam Story Orange Passionfruit Marmalade

SKU: G19100079

Signature Creation by Jam Story Meet our vitamin C bomb! This award-winning marmalade is a blend of chunky Vietnamese passionfruit & Australian orange. 

Flavour Orange & Passionfruit

Serving suggestion Wonderfully served together English breakfast tea, afternoon tea over a scone, pastry filling, ice-cream, or overlay on the homemade barbecue skewers.

15th The World's Original Marmalade Award 2020 金獎果醬~ 爆C果醬"!! 係維他命C哦! 熱情果及香橙都含大量維他命C,使用越南熱情果及澳洲優質甜橙製作,帶有香橙果皮,果香非常香濃。用來配合肉類及魚肉非常好!by Jam Story