Domaine Michel-Vattan Sancerre Blanc Cuvee Prestige L-O 2017

Why we love it

Deep at the end of Loire Valley, Sancerre might be one of the most popular choices for everyday Sauvignon Blanc white wines.  Unless the ones made in cold climate regions (e.g. New Zealand), Sancerre has a less-grassy aroma and lower acidity.  I want to showcase the originality of French Sauvignon Blanc through a hand-crafted version from the "Grand Cru" of Sancerre - Maimbray.

This Sancerre from Michel Vattan, Les L.O, is Sancerre made like a Burgundy by Nathalie & Pascal Joulin.  Uncommon almost other Sancerre, it is crafted using old vines of 60-80 years. 

In its radiant yellow colour, the overture note has a hint of mint, followed immediately with a yellow fruit bouquet - from just-riped apricot, jackfruit to very riped starfruit. The opulent (almost olive-oil) like texture is uncommon to Sauvignon Blanc.  The finish is long, enticing, just like biting into a fresh star fruit. 

It is intensively complex, dense, with lots of minerals and asian spices — unique for a Sancerre and an excellent connoisseur's choice for Sauvignon Blanc lovers.


Product Details
  • 100% Sauvignon Blanc
  • AOC Sancerre, from the best land of Maimbray, Loire Valley
  • Harvested by hand
  • Crafted from the very old vines of 60-80 years
  • Best to serve at 10-12 degrees 

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