Jam Story Strawberry Rose Jam

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Signature Creation by Jam Story This marmalade is concentrated and rich in texture. Infused by the original French rose essence - a natural anti-oxidant, the delicate aroma makes you want to have one scoop after another.

Flavour Strawberry & Rose

Serving suggestion Wonderfully served with afternoon tea over a scone, ice-cream or thick-toast. Glam it up with sparkling water and a cup a delicate hot black tea. 

士多啤梨果香香濃而不膩,加入玫瑰花香,將果醬風味昇華。整樽果醬不含任何化花物品,玫瑰花香來自嚴選法國有機食用級純露,以天然蒸餾方法提取玫瑰花香,內服抗氧功效極高。 by Jam Story